The Story of Shelby
The Pet Store Pup

Who could resist this face? Not many and not a gal named Kelley. She saw this little darling at a popular chain pet store in Burnaby BC. Read Kelley's story below, there are many more like hers, this is the sad truth about pet store dogs.

Kelley's story says it all:

In February 2004, I purchased a female Berner from the pet store. From day one, there has been health concern after health concern.

The vet I took her to for her first exam was suppose to be "free." Hundreds of dollars later I discovered that Shelby had colitis. This diagnose didn't come without extreme anxiety, initially the vet told me he thinks she had parvo. I felt like a walking wallet so I quickly did some research to find a good vet. Day one of having this puppy and already no support from the pet store.

A couple days after purchasing Shelby she got an eye infection. Then she was diagnosed with mange. I contacted the owner at the pet store store. He said it was impossible that she had mange because he gives all the puppies a dose of medication so they won't get mange. In my opinion this guy doesn't have a clue what he is talking about.

I will be the first to admit that I made a BIG mistake by purchasing Shelby from a pet store and let me say that Shelby and I have gone through hell since we found one another. The pet store owner doesn't give a crap all he cares about is his cash register and that it is full of money from selling puppies.

The mange, eye infection and colitis turned out to be the least of my worries. At six months of age, she was diagnosed with HD. Then ED and then she got a bladder infection. In October 2004, she had a TPO. December 2004 she had a fragmented coronoid process on her elbow and a vaginectomy in the hope that it would help her chronic bladder infections.

Shelby is doing well on her operated hip however, she has moderate HD in her left hip also. Her elbow isn't doing so well, she has arthritis and the vaginectomy was not helpful at all. I am current treating her with the support of a holistic vet for her bladder infection. Shelby attends hydrotherapy twice a week for rehab purposes and has a chiropractic adjustment once per month.

Aside from all the supplements I need to purchase for her joints, etc. With all her operations and vet visits for one thing or another she has cost well over $10, 000.00 at 19 months old. This entire experience with Shelby disgusts me. Hopefully there is a special place in hell for all these people. I find it absolutely appalling that these people don't stop to think for one moment about the welfare of the dog they are breeding and the puppies that they have. Whoever said that "money is the root of all evil" hit the nail on the head in respect to pet store owners and puppy mills.

The most disgusting thing about this entire situation is that when I advised the pet store owner about all Shelby's conditions, he offered me a new puppy. There is not chance that I would ever give her up, not for anything in the world. Just for fun I asked him if I brought her back what he would do with her. His response was "I will resell her." I asked him if he would advise the potential buyers of all her health problems. He did not respond to my question. As if anyone is going to buy a dog from a pet store that is almost a year old (at the time this conversation took place). I asked him to pay for her surgeries. He would not do this and explained that he would only be willing to replace her with another puppy.

I have attempted to get info about Shelby's parents and the breeder she came from. I have been told by the pet store that there is no way of finding out as she came through a broker. I was in contact with a lady from the BMDCQ and she thinks that Shelby came from the largest puppy mill in Quebec. This much I do know, Shelby did come from Quebec.

All I can say in closing is that puppy mills, greedy pet store owners and spending $10,000.00 in medical expenses should be reason enough for nobody to ever purchase a puppy from a pet store.

Thank you from reading my story.


Shelby is a lucky dog, many people wouldn't have gone to the lengths that Kelley has, she has little recourse for what happened to her and we hope by reading her story, she will save someone else from the pain and heartache she has suffered.

Photos of Shelby and her surgeries:


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