What is "Rescue"?

Dog Rescue is very common these days and thanks to the internet it's made a rescuer's job just a little easier. There is a rescue for almost every breed of dog, cat and small critters.

Rescues fall under the same animal cruelty laws as the general public, but there are currently no laws mandating that the dogs must be altered, vet checked or that an adoption contract has to be signed. Many people have been duped by what seems to be a great rescue only to find out the rescue wasn’t honest at all. Anyone can say they are a rescue; but what makes a rescue reputable? Here are some things to look for in a good rescue:

1. All rescues should spay or neuter the dog you are adopting prior to releasing the animal.

2. All rescues should vet check and vaccinate the dog you are adopting. The rescue should provide you with the proof of shots as well as a copy of any vet records the dog may have. If the rescue tells you they lost the paperwork or they cannot find it, walk away.

3. A rescue should not charge exorbitant fees for the dog you are adopting. The goal is to try to cover most expenses, sometimes rescues put more money into a dog than they recover from the adoption fee, but other times the adoption fee is more than enough to cover any expenses the rescue may have incurred.

4. Not all rescues are registered charities, some are small non-profit, or not for profit. This doesn't make them more or less credible but do check that they are legitimate, as for references.

5. All rescues should get the dog in the best health possible before adopting it out. A good rescue will keep the dog in rescue until it is a good weight and is as healthy as can be. If a rescue adopts out a dog with health issues they should be honest about the issue. They should also be honest about the dogs temperament, remember though dogs go through an adjustment period and can react differently to a new owner. 

6. A good rescue will do a home visit and require that you fill out an application prior to adopting a dog. Rescues are doing this for their love of the dogs. Most want to see that the dog is going to a good home and is going to an environment suitable for that particular dog as well make sure that you and the dog are a great match.

7. All rescues will have you sign a contract upon adopting a dog. They should state that they will always take the dog back, for any reason at any time. They should also express interest in staying touch and make follow up phone calls to check on the dogs welfare.

8. You should expect that the location the dog is at should be fairly clean and that there are no noticeable fleas or ticks. The dogs nails should be trim and coat should be clean and healthy looking.   A trustworthy rescue will treat the dog for these things prior to adoption.

9. Good Rescues will provide resources for training and or vet care. Rescues want to see the new home work out for the dog and will offer support through suggestions for trainers as well as good vet recommendations.

10. Rescues should let you come and view their location BUT some times the location is a private home and not all want to share their private home with you and may meet you at a park or your home.

Remember these are just guidelines and with many fraudulent “rescues” that are only trying to make a fast dime.  Rescues generally take on adult dogs and rarely have puppies, they work hard for the hard luck dogs. It is important to know what to look for before adding a new rescue dog to your house. 

There are many great rescues out there and it only takes a few minutes to ask these important things to find out if the rescue you are considering volunteering with, fostering for or adopting from is a reputable rescue.

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