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Keachy was found in a petstore in Ontario one day when I was looking for cat food. She was 8 weeks old and the only puppy in a 2x2 cage. She was VERY VERBAL & actually sounded like she was in pain. That’s what got my attention. I had never seen or heard of a Miniature Pinscher before & it was love at first sight.

The medical problems started less than a week later when she got kennel cough. We also found out that she was horribly over vaccinated. When the Vet looked at her ‘papers’ he told me she was from one of the worst states in the US for Puppy Mills. We were told we should return her but we just couldn’t. She’d already found her place in our hearts. My research started & I found more than I ever wanted to know about what a Puppy Mill was!

A few years later she started to fall over when walking & was diagnosed with luxating patella. A condition where the kneecap slips out of joint and the leg can not support the dogs weight. She also had bad arthritis and walking was so painful that eventually she stopped trying. I had to carry her to her food bowl and to go out to potty. A life changing visit to a vet saved her life and she was reasonably comfortable for quite a few years. Then the seizures started. Luckily they were rare but it was still one more problem that could have been avoided. I was really beginning to worry that I’d have to put her to sleep but I thought that I’d know when the time was right & she was still a happy dog. She still played & tried to chase her ball & went everywhere I went.

One day I got a call at work from my son who said that he’d found Keachy on the floor, frog-legged and she couldn’t walk. I got home in less than half the amount of time it usually took me, scooped her up and ran off to the 24 hour hospital. The news was not good. She’d had a huge seizure and her whole right side was not working. I knew it was time and made the sad decision to have her put down. I didn’t know what I’d do without her! I’d had her in my life longer than I’d had my son.

She was the sweetest most gentle and easygoing dog I’ve ever known. She had a difficult and pain filled life and still never once was aggressive. We all miss her terribly!

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