The Story of Hiro
A Pet Store Pup

Hiro was bought at a BC pet store to a local family. She managed to run away a few times but the family kept collecting her at the SPCA. They kept her alone and outside. One day she got away again but found her way to a dog friendly home, my home. She was scared, starving and not in good over all condition.

Hiro had spent the first two years totally isolated and unloved, this is what a pet store contributed to, they sold the cute fuzzy puppy to the family with money, not to the family who cared or who wanted a new family member.

I searched for her owners, put up posters, called the SPCA.  Her owners did nothing.  Finally I checked her for a microchip and she had one! I was so happy and thought I could call the owners who I assumed would be overjoyed with my phone call. The vet clinic called the chip company and found out the dog was registered to the local pet store, they called them and they got the owners information, they lived just around the corner from me and NEVER looked for her.

I spoke to the owners and they weren't interested in having her back, she ran away too much, well I can tell you she never ran away from our home, she was fed, loved and well taken care of, sleeping INSIDE our family home.

I did a little investigating and found out that Hiro was purchased by the pet store from a well known broker, the Hunte Corp, Hiro was born in Oklahoma and the puppy mill she was from at the time of inspection had over 175 dogs!!! This means she was put in a truck at 5 weeks of age to make her journey all the way to a Canadian pet store.

Hiro was more than just a dog that ended up in our yard, she opened the door to shibas, rescue, puppy mills; a whole world I didn't know about and I thank her for that.  She is a very special dog and will always have a special place in my heart.


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