What is "BSL"?

BSL is Breed Specific Legislation aka breed banning.  The usual victims are pit bulls (most bully type breeds), Dobermans etc.   No Puppy Mills Canada does NOT support BSL, why? Simply because it does not work, it is a band-aid solution to a much bigger problem. What we feel law makers are missing is the ROOT of the problem, the root is the irresponsible breeders of any dog regardless of breed. Because there are no breeding bylaws in Canada anyone can breed any dog, and sell it to anyone!

Why is BSL ineffective? If an individual has a strong desire to train a dog to attack, no amount of BSL will stop that person. Golden Retrievers have been trained to seek out and attack human beings - the breed is not an issue, rather it is the lack of proper training/socialization and the dangerous practice of training dogs to be guard dogs . Why are certain breeds more prevalent in dog attack statistics? Not because there are somehow more of those particular dogs existing but that more of the dogs are being owned by abusive or simply neglectful individuals who do not neuter their dogs, allow their animals to roam free and never socialize their animals, or who purchase their animal for the wrong reasons. It is also impossible to identify dogs via DNA, there is no current testing so it's based on a persons opinion regardless of what the dog really is.

What is the solution? For one existing animal control laws need to be enforced, owners need to be held responsible for their dog’s behavior, we need anti-chaining laws, anti-guard dog laws, and a system in place to STOP irresponsible breeding.  We feel if you stop the ROOT of the problem the rest will fall into place.

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