The Story of Big Mamma

  This big girl was found by two good Samaritans while out on a walk.  They couldn't really miss her due to her huge size, I don't know if she was crying at all but she was in pain, emaciated and in a ditch in Chilliwack near the river.  They some how managed to get this big Mastiff out and took her to Chilliwack Animal Control where they took over her care.

Big Mamma stayed for her stray hold but nobody claimed her, it was apparently she was simply dumped.  By the looks of her, she's had many pups.  Her body is evidence of being over bred.  She was not spayed when she arrived at the shelter.  She is a senior large girl who probably fulfilled her job as a breeder and was simply dumped when she couldn't produce anymore. 

The folks at the shelter are wonderful, they fed her, loved her and cleaned her up.  She was in terrible shape.  I saw her photo and fell instantly in love with her big loveable face and knowing there usually isn't a line up for big old dogs I jumped in my car and adopted her. 

This girl has the best temperament I have ever seen in a dog and to simply dump her off after breeding her almost to death is just wrong.  She is now warm, fed and spoiled to the max.  A huge thank you to CAC for giving her a second chance and allowing me to adopt and have this special girl in my life.



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