There are no such breeds as doodles, puggles, shipoo's etc, they are NOT recognized breeds and are not bred by reputable breeders.  They are yes neat, adorable, fun but BUYER BEWARE you will have no guarantees on the following:

  • Health

  • Temperament

  • Appearance

  • Lineage

  • Life Span

Designer Dogs are not bred with the same care and concern that a reputable breeder breeds a purebred.  In fact serious health issues can arise.  Our shelters are filling up with the trendy little pooches.  There is nothing wrong with mutts but there is something wrong with paying top dollar for them.  Designer Dog breeders generally do NOT:

  • Health test breeding stock

  • Temperament test sire/dam

  • Prove their lines

  • Give health guarantees

  • Take back dogs

  • Offer buyer support

If you truly want a 'designer dog' adopt from your local shelter there are TONS there for a reasonable fee that supports your local shelter and not a greedy persons pocket.

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