The Story of Ava
The little gal with a lot of heart

Ava was rescued by Bully Buddies and thanks to them she knew
some love in life.


Ava was found as a stray puppy with a broken leg.  It was assumed that she had been hit by a car.  We started to worry when the muscle strength in her back end did not improve, and she kept on hobbling. 

Despite these physical obstacles, Ava lived life with a huge grin. Her foster mom Zoe and Zoe's children adored Ava's ever optimistic, kissy outlook on life.  She was then diagnosed with luxating patellas, twisted tibias, hip dysplasia and an ACL tear.  It was likely these poor genetics that caused her leg to break in the first place.  We were waiting to hear from specialists in regards to surgical possibilities, when her front end gave out- it just couldn't take the strain of doing all the work for her back-end. 

She is the picture of what happens when people breed for money, and do not take into account the well-being of the dogs they are breeding.  Her siblings are likely to face similar fates.  Please do not support Backyard Breeders.

Rest in Peace sweet Ava


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